Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beatrice practice one.

Introducing Beatrice! she is a bubbly, delightful old lady who lives with her husband Alfred.She loves him dearly and is always fussing over him and her beloved cat, Angus.Her facial features resemble much of a bull dog-but on the more cheerful side.She has laugh lines and crows feet because she is always smiling.She loves to cook and has a passion for baking cookies and always seems to spend her time in the kitchen cooking away!
Well i couldn't wait to get my hands into the clay, it's been so long! Well i decided to begin with Beatrice's head.I wanted to get an idea how well the clay sticks to the polystyrene ball, which it worked quite well and still feels quite light.

This is only a practice head as i don't have the tools yet to professionally create and make a pristine head.I placed i thin layer of the clay all over the ball, apart from the neck and mouth area which needed more build up for her features.I also made her mouth separate from her face, so it can open and close.I provided a slot into the polystyrene ball at the back of the mouth and i then hooked her bottom jaw onto a wooden stick.This created almost like moving jaw bone for the mouth.Results can change however when it drys so and update on that soon.

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