Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Beatrice Practice 2

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 Using some super sculpy clay, i began to make a structure of Beatrice's face over a tin foil ball.Creating just the structure of her head first and features after baking.Unfortunalty a burned Beatrice! But because this is just a practice, i worked over her burned head and came up with this.The head has a wire frame built into the top for the hair to thread through, however i will be making the hair on it's own so it's a wig instead.

The lower bottom jaw is removable.I need to make some more of these but showing different expressions that can just be slotted on.

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  1. This looks amazing!! Her expression is perfect and the way you've sculpted it, I couldn't picture it any better than that. You've done a perfect job with that and for it to just be a tester- wow! Wig is brilliant too.