Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair n fur and a bit of clothing for the old lady!

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Here we have Beatrice's hair! a big afro of the old lady's perm will be one of her best features.only now i have to work out how this will be attached to the head in the most effective way to achieve her look.But then again, it could be a wig maybe?

 Here we have some of Beatrice's fabrics for her outfit.We changed our mind on the older colour scheme because it felt like it matched the rooms to much and she needed to be more stylised with a unique fabric pattern and her good taste of good old fashion grandma.
Watch the cat fur fly!! It has a nice furry feel and isn't too thick so the armature will still move nicely.The colour was a great match for Angus.I also need to find a glass eye for him too, which isn't your everyday coloured eye, it being yellow and purple and black.Ill have to either change that or find an eye that matches as close to my illustration as possible.

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