Thursday, 3 May 2012


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Referring to Stibohart's illustrations of Charlie, i made it a 3D reality. Charlie is Innocence's brother, a cheeky and unpredictable little boy.He loves to run around wearing Alfred's helmet which is too big for his head and an oversized trench coat.
Let's start with the helmet.The helmet is made from black sculpy that i bake the same as super sculpy clay.

The details are some copper wire and a copper point on the helmet which was safe to put i the oven as the clay set.

I also made an eagle which is also black sculpy, quite fiddly for such a small thing but it brings the helmet together nicely.To get the metallic look on the clay i simply used some make-up which set into the helmet, so it won't rub off.But this was a great way to create an illusion of a metal type helmet.The buttons are done in the same way, using a Philips screw driver to make the stars in the button.To finish it off, a dark brown trench coat and a dog tag which use to be Alfred's back in the day.

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  1. Looks really good, great detail on the helmet.